Mobile application Use of Camera and Voice Chat

Mobile application Use of camera and voice chat

The application offered to you in is a Free Voice Camera chat and has become a tool of friendship in the Virtual world. In order to make your voice heard in the application you need to receive broadcast first. The Broadcast section offers you two options. These two options are camera and microphone. In the camera setting, if two cameras are available in the phone, both are available for selection. 1. Camera is the front camera and 2. Camera is the back camera of the phone. The person receiving the audio broadcast can request the microphone. That way he can make his voice heard in the chatting room. You can also send your voice to the recording room within the chat room as well.

There is also a menu to open the camera in the video chat with stranger. In this menu you need to select the “turn on camera” option. When the users in the dating chat room click the nickname as they have chosen, this person’s webcam image will appear. In addition, the panel can adjust audio and camera settings. This service is provided to you as two platforms in the form of Android and iPhone. This chat application, which is very comfortable to use, will become important for you.

You can invite your friends to private chat in public camera. Games and contests are held in the chat room. You can join them. Foreigners from all over the world participate in these mobile webcam chat rooms. You will love this special application where you can make new friends. There are mandatory rules within the friend chat room. It is forbidden to do politics in this room. Violent publications are prohibited. Likewise, religion and language, racial discrimination is prohibited. It is forbidden to say insulting bad words. Users who follow these rules can enjoy a chat now. Chat Users in the room, should not cause excessive discomfort. Otherwise, authorized persons may expel you from the server. Please pay attention to these rules. Let’s participate in these rules.

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