Pangi Chat App System Features

Hello friends. In this article I will tell you about the Pangi system. We present to you in the site, the camera chat application company is Pangi. The company with the location Turkey. Program, Mobile and Desktop computer is a system used. It is constantly being developed together with its large and experienced team. The best mobile compatible system among the applications and themes are also very popular. Many technology tools continue to be used for chatting. You can easily meet free live cams with a unique experience that you have never seen before. It opens up a whole new world for you to be social. Today, thousands of people can find the person they want in a short time with mobile free webcam chat applications.

Thanks to Pangi themes, which make it easier for users to find friends, millions of people meet new people from where they are.

With this chat application, users can now free cam chat with the camera. All browsers are supported with the camera access API. Your users can now chat with the camera.

** Changing the camera device
** Camera on / off

In all chat rooms, one-to-one communications can communicate more easily and quickly with the support of a microphone. Moreover, unlimited and free !. What is being done?

** Connect to the broadcast at any time
** Replacing the microphone device
** Microphone sound mute
** One-to-one private calls
** Queuing for broadcast

Your users have the opportunity to chat privately or indefinitely and indefinitely throughout the room. What is available in the free live webcam Chat Room?

** Swearing, spam, flood protection
** Smile icons
** Custom animation icons
** Change font color / size / font
** Block
** Location forwarding
**, Emergency call button

Each user can now set up custom protocols within the system and customize them. Which are these?

** Correspondence style check
** Specify font color
** Hiding room designs
** Hide correspondence hours
** Deleting screen captions
** Shortcuts with (F) keys

Users also now have a “Settings” panel; the user can specify many features here, you can change. What are these features?

** Turn off private message reception
** Room invitations control
** Managing media devices
** Reject incoming calls
** Turn on busy mode calls
** Location requests control
** Call tones control
** Alert sounds control
** Operator acceptance control
** Membership information check
** Cancellation of membership voluntarily
** Change password / nickname

Your users can access your site from anywhere; if only one browser and Internet. Both mobile and desktop!

** Android-based devices
** iPhone, iPad, iMac
** All browsers
** Desktop, notebook
** Smart Televisions
** Game consoles
** Windows, Mac, Linux
** Blackberry
** Nokia (symbian system)
** Smart Watches

Yes friends. You want to be your new girlfriend? This application can be your solution. free webcam girls here! I mentioned some features of Pangi. All other remaining features will talk about in the next posts. If you want to see it live, you can download apps from the site as Android and IOS. Enjoy the chat with the privilege of Pangi in this way.

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